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Experienced video marketing

Tell a story about your brand or product. Adding engaging video or animation to your website dramatically improves brand perception, sales and the marketability and credibility of your service or product. Cyber-Duck has delivered award-winning videos for web portals, mobile apps and software as a service (SaaS) for over 8 years. This includes narrative videos, screencasts, product videos and walkthroughs.

Specialist video production

Our video producers follow a proven process of understanding the project needs (normally after a user centred design process) and start by creating a script and low fidelity mock-ups of the video. Once the look and feel of the video is agreed, we design a storyboard getting creative inspiration from your brand. During the production, Cyber-Duck manages trusted videographers that specialise in filming different types of videos and have specialist equipment.

Editing the final production

Once filming is complete, our team professionally edits the video, applying necessary post-production touches, all whilst getting your continual input. We then use audio effects, voice over artists and music to enhance the video. The final output is compressed so it loads and plays quickly on video streaming platforms such as Brightcove that are mobile friendly. Go to our our project pageto get a quotation for a new video project

Marketing Services

A holistic marketing strategy is a vital for effective digital engagement. Our experts have helped scores of clients refine this critical aspect of their business.

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