"Digital transformation is user-focused business transformation. Its purpose is to catalyse brand efficiency and people initiatives. Technology functions as the enabler.

By focusing on your users, data and culture we can help you to reimagine your vision and prepare your brand for the decades ahead.”

- Danny Bluestone, Founder and CEO

Drivers of Digital Transformation

We combine the best of creative, consultancy and technology firms in one agency to deliver next generation products and services for our clients. Through trusted, proven and ISO accredited processes, we have helped clients like Bank of England, Mitsubishi Electric and Thomas Cook Money to transform their products and services using lean and agile methodologies.

When Cyber-Duck helps its clients with digital transformation, our team begins by exploring the brand’s strategy, vision and attitude towards user centricity. Following that, we help clients to implement the right culture and processes, Together, we holistically explore what technology is needed and why, before implementation. The marketing approach underpins all of this and must be considered from the outset.

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Our Transformation Highlights

Danny Bluestone, CEO gives introduction to UX at UX London

User-Centred Design

Since 2005, we’ve refined our user experience design process.

Danny Bluestone, CEO speaks about Digital Transformation at B2B Ignite 2017

Leading the Way

Our thought leaders shape the industry through TV appearances and articles.

Staff pointing at Bank of England designs on a wall

Proven Process

Our process has worked for the Bank of England and Mitsubishi Electric UK.

Clem reviewing technical specifications on a MacBook

ISO-Accredited Agency

We’re the only digital agency to meet three ISO standards – 9001, 27001 and 9721.

Accredited Process

The stakes are high when you’re accountable for large budgets and the success of your products and services. Making decisions on who to hire, what type of consultancy to use and which methodology you pick will make or break your organisation’s digital transformation programme.

Cyber-Duck’s accredited process ensures that your overarching brand vision, customer experience and organisational culture are the vital ingredients you need to succeed. While important, technology is an enabler of transformation – not the solution itself.

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Strategy & Execution Partnership

When you work with Cyber-Duck, we become part of your team and help you to drive innovative transformation from the C-suite downwards. We lead your team through our proven process, including recalibrating your organisation chart, redeveloping the strategy and undertaking prototyping to ensure early buy-in.

Through user and data research, we focus on your customer and culture to develop the right processes. Whilst devising the strategy is challenging, the execution is even more so. We help clients to create the right product/project management office (PMO) functions to ensure that the execution is seamless.

Digital Transformation Presentation

User & Data-Driven Product Design

Since the inception of Cyber-Duck in 2005, our proposition has been very clear. We believe design that focuses on the user experience (UX) simply creates better products and services. By embracing data driven design, we can ensure further customer centricity: merging quantitative and qualitative sources together alongside strategic marketing.

As the only digital agency to meet four independent, global standards, we’re perfectly equipped to partner with you. These include lean/agile management (ISO 9001), user centred design (ISO 9241), information security management (ISO 27001) and data analytics (Google Analytics Certified Partner).

Using Cyber-Duck's Micro-Moments Wheel to plan a Marketing campaign

Underpinning Brand Platforms

The definition of a brand has changed substantially in the last ten years. With 20 billion connected devices predicted by 2020, a brand experience must be cross-channel. Customers demand consistency, seamlessness, availability and optimisation for each context. A logo and style guide is just one facet. 

The brand narrative, proposition, look and feel and architecture – ‘branded house’ versus ‘house of brands’ – still have a major role to play within your digital transformation. Alongside these assets, Cyber-Duck can work with you to create a future-friendly and usable brand platform. This includes a user’s mental model, data and the technology that underpins a brand.

Cyber-Duck's Brand Bible shown on MacBook and iPhone

Technology As An Enabler

Many organisations commence digital transformation due to legacy technology expiring, GDPR regulations or because IT want to modernise. As Steve Jobs famously said: “you’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology - not the other way around”. 

At Cyber-Duck, we firmly believe that its key to put people ahead of the technology. We work with you to understand the desired customer experience and decide what technology can underpin this. We work with you to ensure that the technology implementation is robust, scalable, secure and easy to maintain.

Sam drawing a technical architecture UX flow

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