Brand Strategy

Powerful brands set a consistent tone that drives customer engagement across all touch points

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Your brand must embody your values, ethos and mission. It should set a consistent tone, define customer interactions across touch points, and become the foundation for exceptional user experiences. 

We have defined powerful brands for government institutions, start-ups and FTSE 100 businesses alike. Our experts can work with you to create a brand that will energise your team, generate customer loyalty, and above all – make an impression.

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Our process begins by gaining a full understanding of your company, customers, competition and ultimately what your brand must achieve. A research-driven approach underpins each branding project, and our accredited user-centred design process often reveals new, key insights.

While developing the strategy, we collaborate closely with you through a series of workshops to explore the positioning, design principles and the core values of your brand. We also conduct a thorough audit of existing branded assets, reviewing the message each conveys and to whom, before determining what should stay, what should go and what new assets need to be created.

Often, companies we work with face complex information architecture challenges, borne from managing multiple brands and sub-brands. Through research and activities like card sorting, we’re able to define a clear and sustainable architecture for your brand.

We can also help you devise a digital strategy: adapting practices for the web, establishing a firm direction for your online presence and selecting viable channels to boost organic engagement.

We designed a brand for the EU’s new ‘What’s In It For Me?’ website, helping UK citizens learn about the benefits of the European Union.

Brand Identity

We translate the core principles of your company into a strong, emotional brand identity. This may include creating a unique, memorable name, logo, and tone of voice, as well as recommending typography, iconography, and colour palettes. Each element is meticulously designed to create a positive customer experience of your brand.

Visual Design & Assets

Your brand identity should be reinforced by the ‘look and feel’ of all products and services. We’ll work with you to define a compelling art direction and style guide: creating the layout, colours, images, typeface, and all the other visual details.

We provide a robust, scalable set of guidelines, empowering your team to embrace your brand identity everywhere. Inspired by our expertise in responsive design, our brands are flexible and will speak to your audience across all digital platforms and channels.


Our brand strategists define powerful identities that can drive business growth. We would love to hear your ideas!