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User experience design encourages meaningful engagement with users across all channels

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Delightful experiences have a huge impact on customer satisfaction, brand perception and conversion rates. Creating the right user experience is at the heart of our ISO accredited user-centred design process, which can be applied to any product, website, app, or brand.

Our User Experience (UX) team are experts in lean, agile, and scrum project management, working in close collaboration with developers, designers and marketers. Our projects are created with a cross-channel mindset, through the following stages.

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Our UX approach is an accredited, award-winning benchmark, refined over ten years. Inspiring our industry, our UX White Paper provides a step-by-step guide to create a compelling customer experience.

We offer hands-on advice and expertise, from planning, to design and implementation. Our experts prioritise the end-user from the start of each digital project, beginning with meticulous research that is guided by the principles of user-centred design. Drawing on a range of tools, we can tease out the requirements and desires of clients and their customers. Typical techniques include:

  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Competitor and big-data analysis
  • Ethnography sessions
  • Persona mapping and research
  • Usability testing and focus groups
  • Participatory design

With Cancer Research Technology, we created a user-centred marketplace for research tools: improving collaboration in the life science community.

Content Strategy

Informed by this research, we establish a content strategy that considers the best way to engage your audience across channels. We’ll ensure your digital real estate is eye-catching, informative and consistent across media: from defining the hierarchy of content and information flow, to translating key messages into copy, graphics and video.


Interaction Design

We plan the interaction design together, using sitemaps, flows of control, and use case diagrams. Then, we sketch low-fidelity interfaces, and move on to high-fidelity prototypes once the creative direction has been established by our art directors. Our UX designers work alongside the development team, who craft the database logic, outline technical architecture and define the functional specification.


Our mobile strategy and responsive design for GSK’s MaxiNutrition increased mobile conversions by 79%.

Responsive Web Design

After finalising the content strategy, interaction and creative design, we produce a front-end tailored for a range of devices: from desktop and laptop screens, to tablet and smartphone. Responsive web design is the best way to serve this market. It means the website structure, content and images can scale seamlessly across devices, and interfaces are optimised for mouse or touch interactions.

Usability Testing

It’s crucial to validate design decisions throughout the project life cycle. We run usability testing sessions to understand user needs and the thought processes behind clicks. Feedback is incorporated into the next iteration. Through this continually evolving process we can deliver memorable experiences, every time. 

There are a variety of testing methods to suit any budget, location or timeline, including eye tracking, user interviews, focus groups, remote user testing, A/B testing and split URL testing.


Martina Schmidmeir

“Cyber-Duck helped Eurofighter to launch a new mobile-friendly website, and reach more international clients.”

Martina Schmidmeir

PR/Media Relations Officer, Eurofighter Typhoon

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