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Mobile website are an alternative to responsive design, they can give you further flexibility with your mobile experience.

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Mobile friendly websites

With mobile internet usage set to overtake that of desktops, companies are now looking for the most effective ways to target mobile users. If you design a mobile website, you can tailor experiences for your users based on their context, device and screen size.

With a mobile friendly website you can offer your smartphone users content and functionality that are completely independent from your desktop offering. This means you can ensure that the entire mobile user experience (UX) is optimised, from considering the context of the user to making the most of the capabilities of the phone (such as using HTML5 geolocation so users can find content near to them).

Having a mobile friendly website has become a must have for most digitally based companies, especially given recent research showing that 70% of mobile users make a purchasing decision within an hour of their first search (compared with 30% of desktop screen).

Mobile web design specialists

Simply having a mobile presence is not enough. Cyber-Duck’s team are experienced at designing mobile websites and applications that go beyond usable and are pleasurable and even fun to use.

Our team of designers and UX practitioners take the time to research and consider where, how and why your customers use your website or product on mobile.

By taking the time to understand the needs of the people who are using your mobile website we can deliver better experience for them.

Building mobile websites

Ensuring a website looks good on smaller screens is only a tiny part of creating a successful website for mobile. Our team can advise on how to enhance your customer’s experience and in turn improve your mobile website’s performance and profitability.

Whether it is optimising the website’s speed for limited connectivity, designing interfaces and interactions with touch screens in mind, to taking advantage of modern HTML5 technology.

Examples of this include using geolocation to adapt content based on a visitor’s location, using local storage and appcache so your website still works offline and using canvas for rich, interactive graphical interfaces.

Find out more about mobile websites

We work with you to define which strategy is most appropriate for your organisation, whether it is a separate mobile website or a responsive website. It all depends on the overall objectives of your project. Our team of experts will guide you in creating an effective strategy for making your website mobile that works for your organisation as well as more importantly, your customers.

If you would like to find out more about dedicated mobile website production and how we can help you cater for an ever-increasingly mobile audience, please get in touch today.


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