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User-centred design

Putting your user at the heart of the process

It’s amazing what you learn when you listen. Develop products and services that meet your users’ true needs with user-centred design. Partner with an agency with world-leading UX expertise and certified process who’s proven to deliver.
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Part of our UX and Service Design services

Your customers want user-centred experiences. Your business needs effective service design. With a 93% customer satisfaction rate, we’re proven to deliver. 


Why do you need a website accessibility agency?

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What is user-centred design?

It’s collaborative: stakeholders and users give feedback throughout the project, which helps ensure success.

Cyber-Duck’s four-step, ISO-certified design process starts with discovery.

User centred design process

The user-centred design process

The process starts with your brief. We’ll then conduct research with your users and stakeholders and examine your data. This will inform a UX prototype, which will be tested with your users.

Those learnings will lead to a design, then a technical prototype and functional briefing. Once your project has been coded, stress tested and passes UAT, it’s ready for launch.

UX agency in London

UX agency in London

For more than 15 years, Cyber-Duck has created user-centred experiences for clients like the Bank of England, Mitsubishi Electric, Cancer Research and Heineken. We’re proud of our track record in user-centred design and UX – we’ve even written the book on it.

If you’re seeking a partner with the creativity, technology, process and experience to deliver, contact us today – we’re ready to help.

Case study: Sport England

See how we consolidated Sport England’s multiple sites and audiences into one streamlined, user-centred experience.

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Case study: Heineken

How did Heineken transform the link between its global markets and its local suppliers? With user-centred service design.

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Case study: Cabinet Office

See how we helped the Cabinet Office find the brightest graduates - whatever their background

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Talk to our team

Sam Hooper and Matt Gibson head up our UX team. They’d be happy to chat through your challenge over a virtual coffee – just drop us a note and let’s find a time.

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